SAHITA building & home inspection course is

aligned with QCTO-approved curriculum

SAHITA has been approved by the  QCTO (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations) to develop a National Building Inspector qualification.   SAHITA worked with other stakeholders (NHBRC, LGSeta, municipalities, banks, NRCS and the private sector) to develop this important qualification – which was finalised and approved by the QCTO in 2018.

The completely rewritten and expanded content of  the new 30-module SAHITA building & home inspector online course has been aligned with the knowledge content of the new OCTO-approved curriculum for the national Building Inspector qualification: Building Inspector: Class I – NQF level 5 and Building Inspector Class II – NQF level 6.  


  • The new National Building Inspector qualification (QCTO Curriculum Code: 335913000), has been submitted by QCTO for accreditation.  
  • The SAHITA Certificate of Competence, which is issued to those successfully completing  the new SAHITA online course, together with a “Portfolio of Evidence”, is expected to satisfy the “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) assessment requirements for the new qualification Building Inspector: Class I and Class II
  • The Standard Bank of South Africa has made SAHITA certification a requirement for its contracted property inspection service providers.
  • Various South African municipalities and other State entities have funded SAHITA training for some of their employees 

This SAHITA online building inspector course provides learners with a detailed overview of:

  • South African building regulations, national standards (especially SANS 10400) and laws affecting buildings.
  • Planning and managing the building process
  • Quality and compliance control for new building work
  • Assessing the condition and planning maintenance  of existing buildings


The SAHITA course provides valuable knowledge for government, local government and private sector building and home inspectors and for all others involved in building – including project managers, property managers and procurement officers, owners and funders of buildings and  construction professionals

The commencement date of the new Property Practitioners Act 2019  is 1 February 2022 and this new law will make “home inspection” one of the most exciting business opportunities in South Africa.

You can become part of this fast-growing industry.  The South African  home inspection industry is especially suitable for small business and entrepreneurs.  The prospects for growth are excellent, start-up costs are low and a high level of professional and personalised service will enhance your prospects of success.

SAHITA offers South African focused training opportunities to entrepreneurs to enhance their building inspection skills.

Register with SAHITA now to start your career as a building inspector and ensure that you have the correct knowledge to function as a home inspection professional.


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